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Flat Roofing Company Minneapolis MN In Minnesota, flat and low-slope roofs are used on a few homes in the area, and on many outbuildings and small to medium-sized commercial buildings. Our winter snows are the reason most homes have pitched roofs designed to shed snow, so residential roofs in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area generally have roof pitches steeper than in some other parts of the country. For those buildings with flat roofs or roofs with pitches less than 2” per foot, Minnesota’s roofing requirements mean that only high quality roofing practices are adequate. At Incline Exteriors, we’re often called on to install roofs for these buildings, because our quality-oriented roofing produces superior results, handling snow and melt water efficiently and thoroughly. The reason is our attention to detail and uncompromising insistence on top-quality roofing materials and installation.

Flat and low-slope roofs present unique issues. The roofing materials must be completely impervious to water penetration and applied to provide a seamless, sealed, continuous cover for the roof. In Minnesota, the large amount of snow presents additional considerations, since accumulated snow remains on the roof, slowly melting. That melt water must be able to drain from the roof, and the roofing material must keep it from penetrating into the building’s interior. Our Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area roofing company has long experience in installing and maintaining these low-slope and flat roof systems. To handle the special requirements posed by these roofs, we use two types of roofing systems, manufactured by Mule Hide, CertainTeed, and other top-quality suppliers:

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At Incline Exteriors, light commercial roofing for low-slope and flat roofs is just part of our complete roofing services. Using the latest EDPM and granular modified bitumen membrane roofing materials and techniques, we’re your clear choice for your roof installation, repair, and maintenance needs. We’re always competitive in price, and you can count on our superior attention to detail and high quality performance for any roofing job. Call us anytime to discuss your flat and low-slope roofing needs.

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