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Replacing a Cedar Shake or Shingle Roof – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

While cedar shake and shingle roofs last a long time, they’re not indestructible, and eventually need replacing. As a leading Minnesota roofing company, we install shake and shingle roofs of top-quality Western Red Cedar. As members of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau, we adhere to the high standards of that organization in every installation, and understand the unique needs that Minnesota’s harsh winter weather and thunderstorms impose on every shake and shingle roof. We recommend only top grades of Western Red Cedar shakes and shingles, and our highly skilled and experienced shake and shingle roofing installers dedicate themselves to impeccably installed roofs for every home.

Cedar shake or shingle roofing practices vary, but must take the special requirements of this natural roofing material into consideration. Installing cedar shakes and shingles for homes in the Minneapolis St. Paul area must also allow for heavy wind-driven snow and rain, and high winds that often occur in our area. Creating a sound, long-lasting shake or shingle roof requires special skills and creative solutions, depending on the features of each roof. Cedar shake and shingle roof craftsmen are as much artists as they are roofers, and our Twin Cities roofing company is proud of each roofer who works with us. While details vary, the process of building a replacement roof with cedar shakes and shingles typically involves:

Top-Quality Cedar Shake & Shingle Roof Contractor – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Before contracting with any roofing company in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro for a new or replacement cedar shake or shingle roof, make sure that the company has extensive experience with this type of roof. At Incline Exteriors, shake and shingle roofs are a specialty for us, and we have roofing craftsmen who have long experience with this demanding roofing material. We understand completely that each shake or shingle roof is a unique job, and that only meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship can produce a high quality roofing job for your home. Call us to discuss your shake and shingle roofing needs, and let us demonstrate the quality of our work and our emphasis on top-quality performance.

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